Legendary fighter and Jiu Jitsu Global Federation President, Rickson Gracie, has reinforced his stance on the importance of Jiu Jitsu’s essence with the upcoming release of the self defense video series: Self.Defense.Unit. “By offering this program I want to present the aspects of Jiu Jitsu that will be accessible and interesting to a much larger population, also to the people who are not fighters and will enjoy and use Jiu Jitsu in many areas of their life.” – Rickson Gracie

Nowadays, many academies choose to focus their attention on cultivating athletes as opposed to cultivating people; Jiu Jitsu becomes more about winning medals than learning how to protect yourself in a real fight. With the creation of Self.Defense.Unit, Rickson and the JJGF are looking to restore parity within the teaching syllabus, offering insight into the Gracie family’s approach to self-defense and range of techniques that form the foundation of their philosophy. Through cultivating this strong foundation, Rickson Gracie was able to achieve notoriety as one of the Jiu Jitsu greats, finishing his career undefeated.

“When a student first goes to an academy, they’re not thinking about becoming a world champion,” Rickson says. “They’re not thinking about a championship, they’re thinking about how to feel safe; they’re thinking about how they can have a chance in an adverse situation. How can they defend themselves from a slap in the face? How can they defend themselves from a punch? These elements; the notion of distance, base and leverage, these self-defense techniques, which are in a certain way gentle when dealing with the aggressor’s violence, these are the unique characteristics of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Self-defense is not being taught at all Jiu Jitsu academies as it should. This is what we want to change.”

The Self.Defense.Unit. program will be delivered by Gallerr and will be offered in conjunction with seminars and offer certifications. Keep up-to-date with more news about Gracie’s Self.Defense.Unit. via selfdefenseunit.com and jjgf.com.
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