Self Defense Unit – Module 5


Are you ready for Rickson Gracie’s big moment?

The big moment has come: Rickson Gracie finally concludes the updating of his father’s Helio Gracie’s Jiu-Jitsu curriculum.

In this final module, Master Rickson brings many submission techniques:
• Choke and armlock from the mount;
• The nut-cracker;
• Armlock from guard;
• Kimura from the north-south;
• Omoplata;
• Neck crank from the back;
• Armlock from side control;
• Guillotine;
• Two sweeps from the guard;
• The side control escape;
• And, five defenses against weapons.

CONCLUSION is your chance to understand Master Rickson Gracie’s vision of efficiency, illustrated in classic and established positions.

It’s the perfect module for anyone who hasn’t taken any of Rickson’s courses yet, as well as those who have gone through: Invisible Jiu-Jitsu, Introduction to Weapons, Immersion, and The Guard.

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